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# 001 | Quality Engineer (IATF implementation experience)

Academic level: Industrial Engineer / Bachelor of Administration
Required Work Experience: minimum experience of 3 years in implementation of essential IATF quality systems
Willingness to travel: yes
Languages: Spanish and English 80%

Knowledge required in the position:

Domain of Quality Management Systems based on ISO9001 / IATF: 16949 and VDA standards.
Knowledge of CSR from OEMs.
Knowledge and mastery of the Key Tools for Quality (Core Tools)
Knowledge and interpretation of mandatory and legal documentation for the automotive industry.
Lead Auditor / Internal Auditor, preferably certified in the IATF standard: 16949.
Process Auditor, preferably certified in VDA 6.3

Technical skills:

Management of computational packages.
Development of flow charts and process maps as well as manuals and work instructions.
Development and coordination of internal audit plans.
Lead internal and second party audits.
Attention to certification audits in IATF: 16949 and VDA.

Relations of the position:

Internal: senior management and middle management.
External: clients and certification house